Explore the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence.

"That’s AI" is your introduction to the world’s most important technological development. Find out how AI is transforming everything around us and learn how to become an active participant in this exciting new world.

The Essentials of AI

What Is AI?

What Is Artificial Intelligence & Why Is Everybody Talking About It?

AI Is All Around Us

How AI is already an integral part of our everyday life.

A Peek Behind the Curtain

Discover how AI systems learn from patterns in the data.

How AI Learns To Be Smart

Understand how AI is able to read, observe and make decisions.

A Brief History of AI

The highs and lows of AI, from antiquity to the present day.

AI - Two Letters, Many Meanings

What Is AI? In what way is it intelligent? And why is it artificial?

AI - More Than 'Just' a Program

What is the difference between a standard computer program and an AI?

The Building Blocks of AI

Why data, computers and humans are essential for AI.

Data Comes in Many Forms

What AI can do with tabular, text, audio and visual data.

Everything Is Data!

Everything! 'Just' transform it into numbers so AI can learn from it.

AI and Us

AI and Philosophy

How AI may impact and change our role in the world.

What Makes Us Unique As Humans?

Can AI become intelligent, conscious, and creative – just like us?

AI and Ethics

Why AI's success depends on transparency in order to gain our trust.

AI and Society

How AI challenges the way we live together.

The Role of AI in Your Daily Life

AI in Sports

How AI is changing the way we see and play games!

Parenting in the Age of AI

How to talk to children about artificial intelligence.

AI and the Financial System

How AI is changing the way we lend and borrow money.

AI and Visual Arts

How AI is making us think again about what we see.

Diving Deeper Into AI

Machine Learning

Different Kinds of Learning




Dimensionality Reduction

Reinforcement Learning

Artificial Neural Networks

Deep Learning

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Computer Vision

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